pondělí 20. června 2016

Harakiri for the Sky mají nové lyric video/Crest of Darkness opět u My Kingdom Music

Rakouští post - depressive black metalisté Harakiri For the Sky vydají pod značkou labelu Art of Propaganda své nové album pojmenované "III: Trauma". Na pultech hudebnin bude k dostání 22.července. Duo nyní vydává své lyric video k druhé písni na albu "Funeral Dreams".

Norší black metalisté Crest of Darkness obnovili smlouvu s My Kingdom Music a chystají ke konci letošního roku vydat své nové album. Kapela s labelem spolupracovala přesně před třinácti lety.

Prohlášení labelu:
"We are absolutely delighted to be able to continue with, and build on, the strong relationship we have always had with Crest Of Darkness. We first started working together back in 2003, and we have watched the band develop its style and sound over the years, and we are very excited to be releasing their seventh full-length album towards the end of this year. We have no doubts whatsoever that the new album will push the borders of their take on extreme metal to new limits. Crest Of Darkness personal mix of black, thrash and heavy metal promises to make this the most mature and powerful album the band has ever released."

Prohlášení kapely:
"Over the years, Crest Of Darkness and My Kingdom Music seem to have grown side by side, so I'm very happy to be able to continue working with a label that understands both our music and our vision, and with whom we have always been able to have an open and constructive dialogue. Particularly as the new album is especially important to me as I've put a hell of a lot of myself and my emotions into it. I've always felt that when we are on stage, we create a sort of magic, and this time we have been able to transfer that magic to the recordings. You could say this is my personal Black Mass. We are not going to reveal too much about the album at this stage except to say that it is currently being recorded at the MLP Studio with Nils Harald Mæhlum at the helm. We worked with Mæhlum on our first albums, and we recently got together again when we recorded last year's Evil Messiah EP, and it felt natural so we decided to stick with him for the new album, and it's proven to be a very good decision."

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