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Festivalis Kilkim Žaibu XVII

The 17th edition of KILKIM ŽAIBU will take place on 23 - 24 - 25 June by the great Lukstas lakeside by the glare of pagan bonfires – where we will again celebrate Midsummer feast for 3 days and 3 nights in true Baltic style.

With great honour we present you KILKIM ŽAIBU XVII headliner band - original inventors and founders of Black Metal – VENOM!

With the title of their second album (Black Metal, 1982) now being used to describe an entire musical genre, it’s clear that VENOM’s ground-breaking blend of raw heavy metal & punk, complete with down-to-earth humour and lyrics inspired by Satan and darker forces in general, singles them out as one of metal’s most legendary and notorious acts.

VENOM will headline KILKIM ŽAIBU at their very first show in Baltic States on June 25! They will play 90 minutes, all classics, pyro show!

There are confirmed such great and exclusive artists from all over the world – almost all of them will make their festival debut!

VENOM (UK): http://www.venomslegions.com/
BELPHEGOR (AT): https://www.facebook.com/belphegor/
NIFELHEIM (SE): https://www.facebook.com/Nifelheim.Official
SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH (AT): https://www.facebook.com/Schirenc.Plays.Pungent.Stench
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (DE): https://www.facebook.com/The-Ruins-Of-Beverast-116265971848680/
EREB ALTOR (SE): https://www.facebook.com/ErebAltorOfficial
DIRTY SHIRT (RO): https://www.facebook.com/DirtyShirtRomania
SATURNALIA TEMPLE (SE)://:www.facebook.com/saturnaliatemple
SECTORIAL (UA): https://www.facebook.com/sectorialUA
SCYTHIAN (UK): https://www.facebook.com/ScythianUK/
ROMUVOS (IS): https://www.facebook.com/romuvos
VALKENRAG (PL): https://www.facebook.com/ValkenragBand/
HORRICANE (EE): https://www.facebook.com/horricaneband/
ESCHATOS (LV): https://www.facebook.com/eschatos.band
PROTEAN (LV): https://www.facebook.com/proteanofficial/
CATALEPSIA (LV): https://www.facebook.com/catalepsia.official/
JORYJ KŁOC (UA): https://www.facebook.com/Joryj.Kloc.wataga/
ŽALVARINIS (LT): https://www.facebook.com/ZalvarinisBand/
RASA SERRA (LT): https://www.facebook.com/rasaserra
SAULIUS PETREIKIS (LT): https://www.facebook.com/saulius.petreikis
OBSCURUS ORBIS (LV): https://www.facebook.com/obscurusorbis
GYVATA (LT): https://www.facebook.com/Gyvata/
ANDAJA (LT): https://www.facebook.com/Andaja-929804793748150/
RANA (LT): https://www.facebook.com/ranafolk
JOTVOS SŪNŪS (LT): https://www.facebook.com/siurpilis/
PILSOTS (LT): https://www.facebook.com/baltu.vikingai
PERA SUDINOI (PL): https://www.facebook.com/PeraSudinoi
KROMA KOLNA (LV): http://www.kromakolns.com/
EXERCITUS RIGENSIS (LV): https://www.facebook.com/rigensis
HEILIGENBERG (LV): https://www.facebook.com/Senā-dzivesveida-un-cīņu-klubs-Heiligenberg-554565144610174/

 Programm completed!

RUNNING ORDER is now online:

Besides outstanding musical program there's a lot of other things to do and see: Ancient warrior fight tournament - Viking football and other strength games - Pagan village and market, Tastings of 20 sorts of local craft beer - Festival camp by sandy beach: swimming, boat/catamaran rent and other sport activities - Lectures, competitions and exhibitions - Activities for whole family.

Festival entry point will work 24 hours all days! Delicious local beer and food places will work in nonstop regime!

Thus this Midsummer weekend will be simply amazing!

FULL ticket information here (1, 2, 3 day tickets, discounted tickets, children and family tickets, Iron Maiden tickets:

Bilietų kaina – EUR 35
Bilietus platina Bilietų Pasaulis. Vėliau bilietai brangs!


Biļešu cena uz visām 3 dienām - EUR 35, Biļešu Serviss.
Vēlāk biļešu cenas celsies!


Tickets are EUR 35 for all 3 days, available at www.piletilevi.ee
Later prices will increase!





This year there are very special event in metal music life of our country. On June 23 in Kaunas Žalgirio Arena there's concert of famous English heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN as part of their new album "The Book of Souls" Word Tour. This is their only concert in Baltic States and first appearance in Lithuania!

We are happy about it and since this happens on same time of KILKIM ŽAIBU first day, we have thought about it and for convenience of those visitors who wants to see IRON MAIDEN and later go to festival - we will arrange bus transport which will take you after concert end directly from concert hall to festival site. Distance is 170 km, driving time about 2 hours. See bus contacts in respective links.

Tickets here:

 There will be special fan buses going to KILKIM ŽAIBU from Vilnius and Riga. You are able now to reserve a seat at bus both ways, see all travel details below here or pay attention to festival website.


There will be special festival buses going to KILKIM ŽAIBU from Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Reserve your seats:

From Vilnius (Lithuania) to Iron Maiden and Kilkim Žaibu together:

From Riga (Latvia) to Kilkim Žaibu directly:

From Riga (Latvia) to Iron Maiden and Kilkim Žaibu together:

Riga map, bus stop location in Riga and ticket links: http://eventtravel.lv/ETLV/IM_2.html

From Tallinn to to Kilkim Žaibu directly:
Write to bus driver Asko: asko@@transfer1.net

Daugiau informacijos - All travel / ticket / band information here

                      Venom -  Welcome to Hell (Anglie - satanic heavy/thrash metal)


                 Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead - (Rakousko - black/death metal)

                              Nifelheim - Sodomizer- (Švédsko - black/thrash)

       The Ruins Of Beverast - Malefica (taken from full length "Blood Vaults") - (Německo - atmospheric black/doom)

                     Ereb Altor - Twilight of the Gods - (Švédsko - pagan/black metal)

                            Saturnian Mist - The True Law - (Finsko - black metal)


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