pondělí 12. září 2016

Bölzer - I AM III

Švýcarské black/death metalové duo Bölzer konečně přijde se svým debutním počinem "Hero", který vyjde 25. listopadu pod labelem Iron Bonehead Productions. Na tomto odkaze si můžete pustit deseti minutovou skladbu z "Hero" alba pojmenovanou"I AM III". Poslední dosud vydaný materiál je EP "Soma", vydané před dvěma lety.

Prohlášení labelu:
The label said about their debut album: "Here, in many ways, Bölzer break from their past. Rich 'n' resonant clean vocals often take center stage, lending an alternately mournful/majestic quality to the duo's earth-juddering bulldoze. Likewise, the production across Hero is categorically cleaner than their grime-coated EPs, which dynamically enhances the spiraling melodicism that explodes into being here. Suitably, the songwriting itself takes on dazzling new contours, wending 'n' winding with even more fluidity - and certainly more daring - than the band's epic-yet-effortless EPs. And yet, for however seemingly radical these developments are - ultimately, they shouldn't be that 'radical' in the hands of capable and sincere artisans - it all sounds like Bölzer, both what they were, what they can be, and most especially, what they currently are. Every aesthetic suggestion, every subtle nuance, every thing left unsaid in the past: here on Hero, it's all harnessed into a molten maelstrom that's ever more unique (and alien) because it's unshackled itself from expectation. It is, in a word, heroic."

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